A mobile spirometer that provides clinical level readings of lung health and function



Vigilant Health creates superior health outcomes by marrying smart device technology with data capture, data analysis, and Artificial Intelligence, to optimize chronic disease management. We've partnered with Virgilant to manage and oversee production of their full range of digital health products. Their first product to be released onto the market is a mobile spirometer device. 

It has been developed to be smaller than average spirometers and sends data to the Virgilant app and the cloud. The idea being that with more regular lung function readings and Ai learning, Virgilant can achieve better patient outcomes and better patient monitoring for clinicians.


Reducing size and costs:

Not necessarily two outcomes that come hand in hand! The eSpiro product is designed for use at home and therefore was designed to achieve the required functional outputs whilst keeping costs low for the end user. We were able to cost down for our client by choosing and applying the most economic production assembly techniques, for example we achieved this by using ultrasonic welding for the housing adhesive, and we have been very pleased with the results. 

To keep the end product as user friendly as possible, Virgilant involved our engineering team from the very beginning - at the Industrial Design stage. Our team was able to advise on a variety of factors at this point, such as charging port placement and button position, and avoided obstacles and re-designs when we reached out to manufacturing facilities. 

Keeping the product dimensions to a minimum for user pocketability was a vital outcome for this product, and therefore PCB size became a key challenge for our engineering team. Our engineers handled the PCB layout and verification, meeting regulatory requirements, carrying out testing and adhering to size limitations.

Services required:

  • ID engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Firmware & Software engineering
  • UX/UI engineering
  • Patent engineer
  • Supplier vetting and negotiation
  • Contract setup
  • FDA certification
Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 09.27.06.png


    A commercially viable product, certified for western markets, that is more user friendly and lower in price than other currently available alternatives.


    • Dimensions: 6.93cm x 6.99cm x 2.6cm
    • Flow Volume: 22440.76 mm3
    • Patent pending turbine based flow sensor
    • Records time, PEF, FEV1, FEV3, FEV6, FVC, FEV/FVC, FET, FEF for each usage
    • Automatically detects errors of improper usage or operation
    • Syncs with Virgilant App using Bluetooth 5
    • Records sent to the cloud when connected to the app.
    • Memory for 100 offline uses between syncs
    • No removable parts
    • Rechargeable Li-on Battery 
    • USB C 5V Power Supply 
    • Device is washable (IP66)