Manufacturing Solutions

  • Engineering for Manufacture

Our expert engineering team capitalises on knowledge and experience gained across a wide range of industries.

We use this insight to develop specialised solutions in a regulated market place whilst delivering reliable, quality and cost-effective outcomes.

From an early product development stage our engineers will review your product, propose design improvements to your existing product line, and create and enhance technical specifications so you can be ready for automated manufacture.


  • Materials Selection

We select materials from specialised plastics to composites offering a quality product surface that meets your customer needs.


  • Component Selection

Our vendor vetting processes optimise components supplier choices for our clients individual needs and traceability requirements. Our experience getting it right at an early stage or low MOQ can allow for a viable switch out and scale up with minimal set backs further down the line.


  • Flexible Order Requirements

Our manufacturing network across Asia provides turnkey solutions that allow you to produce your final product at the order quantity you require, from cost effective small batches to full commercialisation quantities ready for global dispatch.


  • Pre Production Samples & Prototypes

Prototype creation is a key part of our collaborative process. Fast, effective prototyping reduces your time-to-market and ensures that all potential product risk factors are identified and solved, helping you maintain a competitive edge and minimise product defect in the commercialisation stage.

We pride ourselves on our ability to send out close to manufactured engineering prototypes at speed and facilitate the approvals process in a timely fashion. 

Sourcing Overseas