Supply Chain Management

  • Excellence-led project management

Time-tested excellent project management is at the core of SORX and our supply chain managers offer more than a generation of experience. With our services you will be able to get your product operational in less time, whilst freeing you to focus on future project phases.

  • Multi-product experience

Our practitioners come from a variety of industry backgrounds. This makes ourselves especially good at pin-pointing the right technology and materials to use in your product, saving you time and money when navigating the vendor options. 

  • Future Flexible

Your SCM team is dedicated to your project from development to industrialisation and through to future lifecycles and revisions. We begin to identify future lifecycle problems in the current lifecycle phase, so together we can make more informed manufacturing decisions.

  • Bilingual communication

Our team is made up of native English and bi-lingual Chinese speakers. This enables us to respond to suppliers and customers alike, achieving the supplier connectivity you need to respond in real time and act quickly.

Sourcing Overseas