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HeroTracker™ & Diskus

Universal inhaler add-ons that track medication use



CoHero Health came to us to assist with their design development and manufacture of real-time medication inhaler event recorders that are compatible with most MDI and Diskus inhalers. The product is intended to track usage and provide data transmitted to a mobile medical application that transmits stored event information via a cellular phone or wireless network to a clinician.


For production of the MDI inhaler sleeve we formed silicon hot compacting moulds for manufacturing at scale with FDA grade silicon. Remaining within the constraints of existing platform products, to produce the Diskus inhaler add-on we formed plastic injection moulds for manufacturing at scale with ABS plastic. To connect data recorded between the device and the mobile application required the development of a system compatible with the hardware, software and cloud storage. We engaged firmware specialists to write test protocol, integrate coding and carry out electronics testing.


Two smart devices with simple design and usability functions that keep caregivers in the know and are available through United States healthcare partner programs. 

The Bluetooth Low Energy devices attach onto the majority of inhalers to record the instances and time a user takes a dosage of medication. This data is then sent to a custom smartphone app game that records and incentivises the child to take their medicine on schedule by making it fun. Thus combatting a key principal that this product idea was born out of; medications don’t work in patients who don’t take them.

  • Real-time data is securely and automatically pushed into users’ electric medical records, allowing doctors to make informed clinical decisions at the point of care.
  • The device delivers engaging smartphone reminders via customised avatars and features a points reward zone.